KJ & The Dark Knight


Yeah, that’s my brunch today.  That pic of french Toast & sweet chili sausage has nothing to do with today’s post, I only uploaded it coz I (again) think it looks pretty.

So yeah, last Friday, “my A” & I watched the last part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  I think it’s sad.. It’s sad that the movie was nearly 3 hours long & I had to eat a large bucket of mixed sweet & salty popcorn.  Imagine the calories….

Plus, the theatre was packed.  I dont like it if the theatre is full.  Coz I’m a snob.   I thought of asking “my A” if we could watch it next month, when half of UK’s population had already watch it, and the cinema is empty, but I didn’t bother asking him.  He was too excited, like a retard.  Luckily the human being who was seating on my left didn’t smell.  So i tolerated the ambience.  It’s disgusting when you watch a film & there’s an “almost human” in there who still has to discover the essence of personal hygiene.  Like last month, when we watched the film PROMETHEUS.  Well I actually had headache, not just because  of the film’s title, not coz i thought it was nerdy & deep… I thought the film was just 4D and when someone on screen died, I could also smell rotten flesh!  It was when the film had finished & credits were rolling that I realized that the person who was one chair away from us actually took his feet off his shoes!

Anyway, I will not give a film review for The Dark Knight Rises coz I’m not paid to do that.  Go and see other sites for that!

Kris Jasper.


KJ & the cracked eggs

I just got back from my 730am-3pm shift, I was wondering what can be my first post in wordpress, then an idea just cracked!

I will be watching The Dark Knight Rises later this evening, so whilst waiting for “my A” to arrive, I thought I’ll prepare an easy meal that both of us could enjoy later.

Obviously, mostly everyone knows how to make a scrambled egg, so I will not teach you how to crack and beat a freakin egg.  I just took a photo and will post it later coz I think it looks pretty.  LOL

This will be my 3rd blogsite.  I feel like that silly clown in JackInTheFreakingBox as I kept on spring back up, then hid myself again, but I closed krisjasper.com for private reasons, and I let the fungus grow in therealkrisjasper.com coz I thought my 2nd site’s title was boring and gay!

I dont intend to re-invent myself coz my name’s not Madonna, I will still write garbage, give unsolicited opinions & express jocular but highly insignificant ideas.  If I am not honest, then I am nothing.

Kris Jasper

(i last blogged 12 months ago, if the trend continues you might hear again from me next year)