KJ & the cracked eggs

I just got back from my 730am-3pm shift, I was wondering what can be my first post in wordpress, then an idea just cracked!

I will be watching The Dark Knight Rises later this evening, so whilst waiting for “my A” to arrive, I thought I’ll prepare an easy meal that both of us could enjoy later.

Obviously, mostly everyone knows how to make a scrambled egg, so I will not teach you how to crack and beat a freakin egg.  I just took a photo and will post it later coz I think it looks pretty.  LOL

This will be my 3rd blogsite.  I feel like that silly clown in JackInTheFreakingBox as I kept on spring back up, then hid myself again, but I closed krisjasper.com for private reasons, and I let the fungus grow in therealkrisjasper.com coz I thought my 2nd site’s title was boring and gay!

I dont intend to re-invent myself coz my name’s not Madonna, I will still write garbage, give unsolicited opinions & express jocular but highly insignificant ideas.  If I am not honest, then I am nothing.

Kris Jasper

(i last blogged 12 months ago, if the trend continues you might hear again from me next year)


9 thoughts on “KJ & the cracked eggs

  1. of the three titles that pop up my mind, should be how to crack egg, the Dark Knight Rises, My 3rd blog and the trend continues.. I will choose the latter, “how to crack egg..” lol. just to make sure that someone out there who google gets the right info on how it is done, just in case there is, haha.. Ok, i miss your blog. hope the trend stops and I wish to read more of your witty post!!!

  2. wow naman. daw sang san o lng. one year na gle ka nadula sa blogosphore.ako gntamad man gani mag update. d kumpleto ang inspirasyon sa pag blog kay nadula ka man b. ambot cmu da. tani mag dugay man ni para enjoy tanan. welcum back kj!

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