KJ and the Olympians

Oh hello! I apologize for not updating, just been busy with Olympics.

I will not bore you with what happened.  You all know how many medals each country had, & how many people initially moaned why the cauldron was small, and how “boring” the opening ceremony was.  But they got over it… I hope.  Then they moaned why 1D performed at the closing ceremonies. Then they moaned why Boris did not even attempt to hide the flag just so Brazil wouldn’t get it, then they moaned why it ended so soon… then they moaned of… oh FQ it!

I enjoyed London 2012, and I dont really give a shit what other people thought of it.


I actually thought of joining 2016 Rio’s Games, but my friends thought I’ll just be a drama king on the arena.. like him:


My A and I had tickets for Volleyball, and right from the start I knew team GB wont win.  How?  coz I checked the stats! There were 2 Argentinians sitting behind us during the game.  & Coz I’m a sour loser, I kept waving my UK flag up just so they couldnt watch the game properly.  It didnt stop team GB from losing, but oh well, at least I made some fans of the opposing team suffer.

Well if the world continues turning after December, and the prediction of the Mayans is wrong, I’ll join 2016 Olympics.  What Sport? Hide&Seek.

In other news, my dream of putting up my own Non Profit Organization to get a Nobel Prize is still alive.  The name will still be KJ Foundation for Homeless Mosquitoes.  The concept is very simple, feed the mosquitoes in a controlled environment to control Global Malaria.  A happy Mosquito for a happy World!


Kris Jasper

(founder, KJ Foundation for Homeless Mosquitoes)